What happen with error code bX-l4u1mh page elements (Problem in blogger)

On Decemeber 12 2011 bloggers around the world are reporting an error on the display page elements with error code: bXl4u1mh, until this morning there has been no solution to fix / Repair  this problem , my own access http://support.google.com and look for this issue and have not found the cause and how to overcome them. in the Blogger help and Help forums I found a nearly 40 similar questions and no one solution to this problem.

Knownissues.blogspot.com http://knownissues.blogspot.com/2011/12/some-users-are-reporting-bx-l4u1mh-when.html writter write like this Some users are reporting bXl4u1mh Pls editing the layout of Their blog. 

We’re Investigating the issue and Will report back assoon as We have more information.Thanks for your patience.

There is only one answer from the party that is waiting for blogger.com


How To fix this problem

This problem can repair with change browser

Fisrt log out your account and open again with other browser exemple (mozilla, EI, opera) after you log in you must log out from  (mozilla, EI, opera) and log in again with browser google crome and look your page elemnets is normal. thanks.



If problem again try open this URL and follow intruction there if you succes dont forget comment here How To Fix Error Code bX-l4u1mh in your blogspot

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32 thoughts on “What happen with error code bX-l4u1mh page elements (Problem in blogger)

  1. Monich Fari Zahara @ coba masuk dulu pakai browser mozlla lalu ke page elements dan keluar dan masuk lagi pakai google crome … coba masuk page element lagi ….

  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I think the problems is the browser. I use Firefox 4 as my default browser, never have this bX-l4u1mh error before until today. Now, I’m able to edit my page element again by accessing blogger.com with Google Chrome. To the blog author, it’s been great to know this blog, keep up the good work.

  3. Iniii diaa yang saya carii,,
    makasii infonya,,
    aku kira error karena salah ganti template,, eeh emg dari sananya ternyata,,
    makasiii yah.. ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. To make thing’s the easy way, here’s what you have to do.
    Step 1 clear cookies.
    Step 2 restart browser.
    Step 3 log in to your blogger account.
    Step 4 enjoy blogging.

    no more logging in a different browser crap and bullfrog what so ever, it’s so easy you can even cook and watch tv while fixing your blogger account.

  5. @kalau sudah masuk mozilla pergi ke page elements dulu ,,, setelah itu log out dan masuk lewat google chrome dan pergi ke page elements dan lihat apa ada perubahan

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