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Competence And Civic Education In Globalization

COMPETENCE AND CIVIC EDUCATION IN GLOBALIZATION Yunisca Nurmalisa University of Lampung yuniscanurmalisa@yahoo.com Abstract The dual impact of globalization era; impact of favorable and adverse impacts. Beneficial effect is to allow the widest possible cooperation to the foreign countries. But on the other hand, if we are not able to compete …

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The Development Of Multicultural Based Education Concept Of Civic Education’s Learning In Higher Education

THE DEVELOPMENT OF MULTICULTURAL BASED EDUCATION CONCEPT OF CIVIC EDUCATION’S LEARNING IN HIGHER EDUCATION  Ni Ketut Sari Adnyani Ganesha University of Education sariadnyani@yahoo.co.id Abstract The study is conducted in order to know: (1) the development of multicultural curriculum in higher education, (2) the multicultural education in civic education’s learning in …

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