Regulation of Using Containers for Snacks to Reduce Trash Production

By : Lisa

Regulation of Using Containers for Snacks to Reduce Trash Production

I live in Indonesia, a wide archipelago country in ASIA . The number of inhabitants and its area were proportional. Growing in wide area, Indonesia’s population reached 327 million people now. With this number of population, it is estimated in 2025 the junk production in Indonesia will reach 130,000 tonnes per day. This threat was not without the reason. Because generally, our activity demand to produce trash especially from plastic food.

Sri Bebassari, the Chairman of the Indonesia Solid Waste Association (InsWA) said, “based on statistical data of domestic trash in Indonesia, the amount of plastic trash that reaches 5.4 million tons per year that only 14 percent of the total production of garbage in Indonesia”. That is really bad and concern situaton in my country.

I know that the Government has done a variety ways to solve the problem of trash production in Indonesia, such as applying the use of eco plastic trash. But it cannot be applied in food packaging, which is became the largest producer of plastic thrash.

I am a student at an university near Lake Toba. My campus is a green campus which is free from trash, trash problem is one of a big social problem here and involving the academic and dormitory comitte part. That why, keep the campus environment free from garbage is one of the most important values teached for the new student here.

Every day, you can find trash cans in almost all corners of the campus is full of garbage, especially in front of the shops and the canteen, ¬†filled with piles of trash from food packages . Tragicly, small and cheap food for Rp 500, were packaged separately. Try to imagine one student may consume 5 types of food each time they come to the shop and produce plastic trash from it.. It’s no wonder the two large bins is insufficient to accommodate the food package every day. No wonder the number of plastic trash production in Indonesia is very high.

I have an ideas for reducing the plastic trash production by issuing regulations that oblige the consumer to have the containers of food that will be bought. And each store must be equipped with a container of food with larger size. This container should be equipped with a measure so every pay based on the number of measure. This rule can be applied to certain types of food such as nuts, candy, or snacks whose size is small and hard to fragile.

We can see also from the side of the company, the company should give a minimum of packaging weight rule, so that it was no longer economical or small size packaging that actually increase the production of plastic trash.

It will also reduce production costs, so that the funds should be used to wrap the plastic packaging can be redirected to enhance the quality of the food. Similarly, the process of packaging becomes is easier because of the packages already bigger.

One item that can reduce waste production is the use of disposable drinking glass that offered by coffee shop.That just use for one time and the people throw out the garbage. It can replace by using bottle with lid which is more comfortable, clean and safe. The Goverment should be issuing the regulation of using this kind of glass also.

People may think that is not efficient way for our daily lide, because we have already have instant habit. Everything produce to increase effectivity and sometimes forget about the impact for our Earth.

But isn’t it to get a better future we must be fight harder and give more sacrifice? For our future!

Now? This will also help the people to be more dicipline and well-regulated. We can use inspring or famous people to take an action seriously here. It is important to influence biggest society. Because commonly, society becomes easy to affected by this kind of people.

And last good news for implementing this regulation, our food is more durable and clean if we save it in the roght place.

Then, a willing to care for our environment and give a bit of our time will help our Earth to survive and cold longer. For our future!