This Morning December 14 2011 08:10 (WIB) Indonesian  Time West, i am accsess my dashboard blog at and look my page elements blog has been normaly again after yesterday damage with Error Code bX-l4u1mh, yesterday i am can’t access and save my page elements but this morning is normaly.
Yesterday bloggers around world busy fix blog thier, this problem very not good to bloggers around world on activity update post, news, etc, yesterday my blog have high traffic from around world this effect keyword search like “Error Code bX-l4u1mh, how to fix Error Code bX-l4u1mh, why Error Code bX-l4u1mh, galat Error Code bX-l4u1mh, cara mengatasi Error Code bX-l4u1mh, kenapa Error Code bX-l4u1mh , etc
Page Elements in Blogspot on has been Normaly after Error Code bX-l4u1mh
my statistic blog from histat 
Until this morning i am don’t why this damage and no official statement from blogger or google as the owner,  i am estimate this problem effect from change blogger interface, this is just i estimate,

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