Decreasing Moral of Students

Decreasing Moral of Students

Bayu Dwi Putra

Sekolah Tinggi Akuntansi Negara (STAN)


Globalization has created a huge influence in student community. In my opinion, globalization has three dimensions, here they are: economic globalization, political globalization, and culture globalization. Globalization is the universalizing value that makes local wisdoms fade away. Culture or manner globalization has a big effect towards civilization people generally student college specially. However, in order to improve the competitiveness of development, a moral life is required.

As eastern people, we have a philosophy of life with courtesy and hospitality. This sort of thing that needs possessed by students. But in reality, not a few students also have lost of moral. Student is the figure of citizens who have full responsibility will be taken where this country brought to run. What is the way to revival or even into the way down. So, it’s commonly considered that student is agent of change.

Student as a generation where the peak of the nations will be established should have a high morality to filter a harmful effect of globalization. Therefore, student need to know about the moral sense, know the cause of moral decline, know the current moral condition, and know how to fix and maintain their morale. Morality of students is an important element in the process the extent in the development of nations. Morality in this case not only associated with one of the religious (in Islam, we know that is one focus this named Akhlak), but also in general value of life.

Definition of Moral

Etymologically, moral is derived from the Latin “mores” that have meaning customs,or ethics rules that contain the meaning of conscience who become leader inner behavior in life. According to KamusUmumBahasa Indonesia (KBBI), moral means good-bad doctrine generally accepted in actions, attitudes, obligations, and so on. Having morality means having a good attitude. Immanuel Kant define morality is a matter beliefand mental attitude and it is not merely an adjustment to the rules from outside, whether it is the rule of law state, religion, or customs.

Thus, it can be concluded that moral is the whole norms that regulate human behavior in society to carry out good acts and correct habits.

The Cause of Moral Decrease

Moral degeneration is much influenced by socio-cultural conditions in the surrounding community. Poor social environment is one of form of lack of social institutions to control negative change. As we know that most students are children boarding a course away from parental advisory. The majority of the boarding house does have a guard, or so-called landlord. However, some are not accompanied by guards. This environment led to the emergence of a sense free to act from the boarding students.

A night world which enjoyed a majority of students causes to such complex problems, such as drugs, alcohol, casual sex, to creep into criminality. Almost every night discotheque, discotheque filled with visitors, and most of them are students.

In this culture conditions, the students easily influenced. An example is a porn video.  This occurs because the influence of the media through the shows that tends to be more vulgar and direct customers toward pornography and porno-action. The destruction of morality via the media also associated with a program that shows the sarcasm and criminal. Indirectly, this shows the audience internalized into the self of audience.

The main, the cause of moral degradation intellectual young generation is as follows: The absence of direct supervision of the appropriate party. Socio-cultural environment is not healthy. Impressions of the mass media that is not good, lack of education about moral to the lack of awareness of the students to have self-defense as a filter from the negative things.


The complexity of the demoralization of morality students today do need the right solution for the preservation of morals that exist in students can be maintained. Students are agency and moral development. The destruction of the moral need include of these various aspects, socio-cultural, religious, and educational.

In socio-cultural aspects needed improvement of social conditions and cultural filtering in a student environment. These improvements may include the arrangement of the social system in which each component to function positively. And culture shape filtering is a form of socialization and internalization of local knowledge to function positively in the process of cultural acculturation.

In the field of religion, religion has the wisdom of the sublime in moral matters. Each religion has different characteristics, but finally aims to organize people to stay in the right ways.

Education World is a place where students get living. The essence of education is to form a good person. Behave in accordance with reason, thought and conscience is based on moral values. Moral education is needed that specifically refers to the soft skills of students as the basis of academic behavior.

From that above description can be concluded that the basic solution in improving morale are:

  • The quality of faith. As a religious community, students must have an unwavering faith in behaving as a positive principle. Because every religion must have the moral values that glorious and wise.
  • The quality of science. Students in this country must have intelligence that is not easily fooled by bad foreign cultures. In addition, for students to have excellent skills and information technology related fields. With it automatically will bring up the moral conditions are good.
  • Quality of charity. Students must have a high work ethic. That also would keep them away from activities that are less useful

Overall, those qualities governing behavior already started to be used as guides to behave, especially for students who are agents of change.