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The paper aims at discussing how creative teachers and effective teaching strategies motivate learners to learn. The naissance of active learning where learners have to be active during the teaching learning process, has altered the subject and the center of the teaching learning processes from teachers to students. The teaching learning process is contextual and the emphasis is to fulfill learners’ needs. This teaching mode requires active participation of learners. The active learning mode requires creative teacher and effective teaching strategies so the teaching learning is able to transform knowledge into effective learning tasks and activities. The learning tasks and activities are designed to enable learners to experience the practical application of the knowledge they have learned. The design of instruction that motivates learners to learn is also presented and discussed.

Key words: creative teacher, effective teaching strategies, motivating learners

Conducting active learning has been a dream of every professional teacher at every level of education. The introduction of active learning alters the role of a teacher during the teaching learning process. If the conventional teaching strategies put emphasis on the teacher, active learning puts more emphasis on the active participation of learners and the ability of teachers to involve learners’ environment as a source of learning. This implies that active learning intends to contextualize instructional materials and the learners are placed as the center of the teaching learning process. The placement of learners as the center of teaching in the Student Centered Learning (SCL) Method and active learning model has brought about a better motivation for learners to learn because every student is motivated and engaged in every steps of the teaching process. Activating and motivating learners during the teaching learning process are among the roles of a teacher in active learning mode. Activating learners indicates that learners are not only assigned to receive or listen to what a teacher has explained but they must be involved in asking or answering questions, working in groups, assisting other learners, and demonstrating critical and creative thinking. Since the teaching is expected to motivate learners it is necessary to consider the techniques employed in the teaching learning process.

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