Use of Chrysoperla carnea and Trichogramma chiloni (Ishii) on The Population of Insect Pests in Chilli Ecosystem

Jan M Mari

Department of Plant Protection, Sindh Agriculture University, Tandojam, Pakistan.

Email: [email protected]


Field experiment was conducted at Kunri, Hasul Rind Farm during 2011-12 to assess the effect of Chrysoperla carnea Stephens and Trichogramma chiloni (Ishii) on the population of insect pests in chilli ecosystem. The experiment consisted tree treatments viz; (1) pest population were left untreated (2) C. carnea 1500 eggs /card were released (3) T. chilonis 1500 eggs /cards were released. Results concluded that sucking also chewing pest population in chilli was suppressed significantly in plot B and C where natural enemies were released. Reduction in thrips, aphid, mite and whitefly numbers was found due to release of C. carnae, it was 57.31, 70.86, 65.12 and 80% %, respectively. An impact of C. carnae on tobacco caterpillar population was 53.18%. Gram pod borer and tobacco caterpillar population was observed enormously in untreated plots. Reduction in its population in plot C was found owing to release of T. chilonis, it was 74.14 and 89.38 % when compared to untreated plots. It is concluded from the findings that C. carnae should be released in initial days when sucking complex raised at economic threshold level and T. chiloni release is necessary when crop reached on flowers and buds stage.

Keywords: Effect, C. carnea, T. chiloni, chilli


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