The Addition of Probiotic Starbio in Dodol Multinutrition on Performance and Income Over Feed Cost Bali Cattle

Tri Hesti Wahyuni, Syafril Harahap dan Edy Sutanto

Faculty of Agriculture, University of Sumatera Utara, Medan, Indonesia.

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The objectives of this Research would like to know the effect of probiotic starbio in dodol multinutrition (DM) on the performance of male bali cattle. This  research was done in four treatment and periods usind 4 x 4 latin squared design (LSD).  All animals were fed native grass ad libitum as a basal diet. The treatment were P0 (DM without the addition of probiotic starbio), P1 (DM with the addition of 2% probiotic starbio), P2 (DM with the addition of 4% probiotic starbio), P3 (DM with the addition of 6% probiotic starbo), with average initial body weight 157,25 + 10,7kg.  The result of this research indicated that the averages of feed consumption in dry matter(kg/head/day) sach as: (3,50; 3,69; 3,83 and 3,88 respectively); average daily gain (ADG) (kg/head/day) such as: (0,52; 0,56; 0,60 and 0,63, respectively); Average of feed convertion ration such as: (6,711; 6,640; 6,369; and 6,198,respectively) and IOFC (Rp) such as :(182.132; 204.071; 234.798 and 251.004, respectively)

The addition of probiotic starbio in the DM has a very significantly different (P<0,01) on feed intake and body weight gain of male bali cattle, however significant different (P<0,05) with feed conversion ration  male bali cattle. It could be concluded that probiotic starbio could be used to increase feed consumption, body weight gain,  feed efficiency in feed and IOFC.

Keywords: Male Bali Cattle, Starbio, Dodol Multinutrition,


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